Start-up Ideas
1.  Look at photos of real faces such as  women you admire, family, royalty, people from another era.

Exercise:  Draw face from a photo.  Use a 12x12” piece of paper/brown bag/ newspaper.  Look only at a photo.  Do not look at your sketch. Try to use a single line. Fill the full sheet.  Salvage the good parts.

2.  Look at masks.   How do features differ from country to country.  Which features are stylized, which exaggerated?

3.  Draw  the outine of a face.  Draw half of a face within that.

4.  Use an anatomically correct  shape for a head. Split face into 1/3s below hair line:  eyes1/3  below hair line, nose ending 1/3 from chin, mouth between nose & chin.   Then cut out anatomically incorrect features.


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