Patt Bagdon Patt Bagdon
I am currently showing new work at the Colusa County Arts Council Gallery in downtown Colusa.  It is a joint show with Louise Shiele through April.

I love playing with fabric and surface design. My inner romantic has created a series of Italian landscape quilts--inviting escapist places . The hip hop part of me enjoys playing with rhythm and strength in the patterning (thank you my sisters of Gee’s Bend) of scrap quilts. The process of putting it all together –design, stitch, technique --is humbling.  Each time I create a piece I realize how much more I have to learn about the process.  My motto, in common with the Starship Enterprise, Be Bold and eventually I will explore where no one else has gone before.


Anne Burns Johnson Anne Burns Johnson
In my textile work, I try to capture, convey and create the idea of transformation and change. I like how scraps become whole, how shadows convey shapes, how images dissolve and re-emerge. 

Personally, I ricochet from experimentation to tradition and back at warp speed. 

In my conventional, traditional pieces, I like the idea of creating something new and complete and entirely different out of scraps and leftovers.  These pieces arise from my familial quilting genes but also reflect the eternal, relentless desire to create and sustain memory.

In my freeform work, I merge images and colors and suggest structures and designs which allow the viewer to share (or transform) my thoughts and ideas of the mutability of life.  It is as if we are shedding one skin and creating another. 

Sandi Goldstein Sandi Goldstein
I made my first quilt over 25 years ago. Textiles have always had a hold over me – the texture, colors, and tactile quality of fiber. As a feminist from an early age, I’ve always appreciated women’s quilting tradition – the collaborative process, comfort in sharing our lives through cloth, support for each other in our personal as well as artistic growth and a shared passion to express ourselves through textiles.

Textiles are expressions of people’s lives.  In contemporary society, textiles and quilts are a tactile expression of our world around us. My quilts often reflect my visual impressions of time, place and atmosphere of places I’ve traveled. I have often chosen countries to travel in based on their textiles; those traditions as well as the colors, sound and “feel” of a place are always present in my mind as I approach a new piece. Recently I have been exploring texture, color and design through experimenting with dying my own fabric using many types of traditional shibori techniques. I strive to create harmony and visual interest by the synergy of these elements. New pieces evolve in a very organic process, often starting with one piece of fabric and grow from there.

Jo Magaraci Jo Magaraci
I admit it, I am a fabric floozy. I am attracted to textiles in all shapes and forms - sensuous silks, soft fuzzy velvets, rough but warm woolens - all tempt me to fondle them and bring me pleasure. From vintage scraps that are fragile and muted to ethnic prints and weaves that are vivid and graphic – I have loved them all. When I am surrounded by fabrics my creative juices start flowing. What can I make? Dolls, garments, wallhangings, quilts - my methods, like my tastes, are eclectic. I use them all to explore my interests in color, design, dyeing, texture and surface embellishing. And, while I am in awe of exquisite handwork, I rely on machines more these days to complete my creations. I prefer to try new things over the boredom of consistency, and to always have fun in whatever I do.

Susan Taylor Susan Taylor
I love fabric. I love seeing it, touching it, and working with it. I love seeing the countless ways fabric changes depending on how it is cut, arranged and sewn. I love the challenge of creation, of learning and using new techniques, and I love seeing the beautiful pieces that I can make using fabric.


My first fascination was with the wonderful old, traditional quilt patterns, and I still enjoy working with those patterns. Lately, however, I have been experimenting with freer, more contemporary techniques, and I find I also enjoy this aspect of quilting.  I expect to continue working with both traditional and art quilts, evolving my own style. I look forward to seeing where quilting takes me in the future. I may not know the exact destination, but I know it will be a great journey.

On this website, unless otherwise stated, all works are cotton fabric, machine pieced and quilted by me.


Lisel Schwarzenbach Lisel Schwarzenbach
Textile-oriented since I was 6, when I made velvet and lace pin-cushions for my Grandmother and Aunts, I’ve dyed fabric, painted it, stamped and stenciled it, torn it, cut it, sewn it, worn it and quilted it, out of love for the medium.  Through art I am  “piecing a life” together, holding my psyche intact, and simply loving the process of making beautiful things to look at.

The Group Challenges The Group Challenges
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